So much more than just an information app!

VOIS | MGOV enables the Municipality to effectively connect, communicate and serve citizens from all socio-economic layers by providing mobile application services to all types of mobile phones (intelligent and non-intelligent) and all digital devices.

The use of direct communication channels, especially via mobile devices, offers four advantages:

  • The technology can improve the management of the Municipality
  • It promotes a better understanding of the citizens and the Municipality
  • It reduces the cost of public participation
  • It improves service delivery

The advantages of VOIS | MGOV for the citizens are that they have a direct communication channel with the municipal administration. They are able to interact with the Municipality and have access anytime, anywhere – with reduced effort, effort and expense.

Flexible and scalable!

VOIS | MGOV is flexible and therefore individually configurable by each community to provide an optimal offer.

VOIS | MGOV can be used at all administrative levels. The system is completely scalable.


Are you interested in a tailor made solution for your municipality?

Product Info – VOIS | MGOV (PDF)