With the specialized procedure VOIS | FONA the comprehensive processing of all transactions in foreigner and nationality is possible.

Foreign Nationals – A new generation of software

The specialised procedure for foreigners offers effective processing possibilities for all relevant foreign affairs. The main legal bases for this are contained in the respective Acts.

The uniform look-and-feel and the intuitive process and program logic, which are identical to all (VOIS) technical procedures, provide the user with the highest possible usability and user experience. The process offers extensive information and evaluation possibilities according to different criteria, whereby individual or combined characteristics can be searched. Intelligent Operation Wizards support the user with all data input. Importance has been placed on the practice-oriented design of the workflows running in the department. The effective processing of all operations in the area of general residence and asylum is of particular importance. All the documents, stickers and carrier documents can be created, edited and printed. Full tracking is possible both in the serial numbers of the documents as well as in the history of their use and assignment to persons. The procedure relies on the required data being available from the relevant departments for the application of personalized biometric documents (application for electronic residence permits or electronic travel tickets for foreigners, for refugees or stateless persons).

Electronic residence permit

The data of the applicant are recorded and transmitted electronically to the department for processing. The users automatically receive receipts and regular status messages. The technical procedure for foreigners supports the modification of the following document data:

  • Home Address (chip + sticker)
  • Secondary regulations (chip + additional sheet)
  • Reset Pin
  • Activate/deactivate the Eid function
  • Communication with the revocation service of the Department.

The VOIS platform automatically offers necessary follow-up processes in other specialist processes.

VOIS | File will store the previously paper-based foreign person files – including biometric data. The VOIS | File also serves as an interface to document management systems.

All the communication interfaces required for the department with other authorities or external partners are realized in the "Foreigner’s ' system":

  • Visa-online information with data transfer including photographs
  • Online data transmission to the department
  • Data exchange with the reporting authorities
  • Transfer of integration course (training) measures to the department
  • Online inquiry of the factual file at the department
  • Online inquiries with automated processing of the feedback in the record-participation procedures

Comfortable and legally compliant processing of complex administrative processes:

  • Printing of all stickers and carrier documents
  • Automatic generation of department messages
  • Foreign-law measures
  • Asylum measures
  • Process processing for the entire family
  • Electronic residence permit
  • Communication with other authorities about foreigners
  • Automatic and complete control of deadline sequences